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Act 219 Training

Teachers and school administrators are required to receive two hours of suicide prevention training each school year by Act 219, Jason Flatt Act, of the Louisiana legislature. Our two hour trainings can be tailored to the individual needs of each school, but typically include information on warning signs and how to successfully intervene when a student is at risk for suicide.
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Please Note: The fee for teacher in-services is $125.



Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training is a two day standardized training, developed by LivingWorks, and is seen as the gold standard for suicide prevention training. Please contact us for pricing information.


Survivor of Suicide Support Group

This group meets twice a month and is open to any adult who is grieving a loss to suicide. The group is free.


Student Presentations

These presentations cover many of the same topics as our Act 219 training, but are geared towards students. In addition to discussing warning signs and how to help a person at risk, we also talk to students about reaching out for help if they are considering suicide.
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Resource Referral

If you are a helper to a person at risk for suicide, we can help you to find appropriate services for that person. We do not make formal referrals, but can assist in locating services suitable to your needs and funding abilities.



Suicide Alertness for Everyone is a standardized 3-4 hour training that has been developed by LivingWorks. This program teaches participants to recognize suicide warning signs, ask directly about suicide, listen to their story and connect the person at risk with someone who can keep them safe by conducting a risk assessment. Please contact Crouch Foundation for pricing information.

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